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Аудиоролик — это инструмент влияния

Development and creation of audio advertising "turnkey" - marketing analysis, development of ideas and scenarios, casting and recording speakers, production and mastering.

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Simple audio clip, with nice voice and suitable music. Nothing extra.
790 ₽ 3000 ₽ Link
Finish time - 2 hours.


Just a text made by professional voice actors - nothing more. Nice choice for broadcasting maximum information in short time. Good compromise between production speed and low budget.
From 3000 ₽ Order
Срок сдачи: от 2 дней
Срочная сдача: до суток. Прайс х2


Brand name audioclip - is a logical attachment for creative advertising campaign. Here we have emotions and trigger points in the foreground. Heroes of the story will empathise and speak to your target audience.
from 5500 ₽ Order
Срок сдачи: от 4 дней
Срочная сдача: до 2 суток. Прайс х2

"Stage played" audioclips.

Need an catchy advertisement? That means you need an packshot audioclip. Imaged as a small real-life sketch story with product brand integrated. Usualy it has 2 or more characters employed. They are speaking to each other about your brand product representing it`s advantages.
from 4000 ₽ Order
Срок сдачи: от 4 дней
Срочная сдача: до 2 суток. Прайс х2


Perhaps, to you, too, although would times "tied" song from advertising. Wanna make actors sing about your product? Studies show that such advertising is much better remembered, and the image of the product as a whole is accepted more positively.
from 8000 ₽ Order
Срок сдачи: от 7 дней
Срочная сдача: до 5 суток. Прайс х3
No scenario? We will write.

Audioclips for 2 hours 790 ₽

Radio advertisement for 24 hours

Creative scenarios

Licensed music

705 диктора on 5 continents

Choose a voice-actor by your preferences
Online Аудио+
Универсальный голос. Диктор, журналист и радиоведущая.
от 600
Молодой, спортивный, энергичный, тенор. Сотрудничает с брендами: Fanta KZ, Samsung KZ, Авиакомпания МАУ и др. Пародии: Губка Боб, Микки Маус, Человек-Паук
от 1 100
Автор и ведущий программы Chill. Диктор. Баритон
от 800
Профессиональный диктор из Екатеринбурга. Тысячи роликов и довольных клиентов
от 900
We provide
  • Hi-quality record
  • Catchy effects
  • Assistance in the development of the script
Why choose us?
  • Non-standard creative approach
  • Modern equipment and programs
  • Rich knowledge and courage to perform even complex and monotonous work
It is simple to ofer an audioclip
  • Rich base of voices
  • Fill out the brief
  • A different selection of scripts for audio clips

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More detailed

Order an advertising audio clip,
"catch" the target audience and "blow up" sales

Audio advertising attracts attention, awakens the desire to buy the advertised product. However, audio clips with tasteless and too loud statement, on the contrary, repel potential buyers.
One mistake - and an effective marketing tool turns into smoke, stops sales and reduces company profits. To avoid this, the creation of audio clips should be entrusted to professionals.

Licensed music

Any audio or video product made for commercial use and containing music within itself must be licensed to use each such composition for commercial purposes with indication of using region. The use of products without licenses for music leads not only to reputational losses, but also to legal proceedings on the fact of theft of intellectual property.

We provide a full package of licenses and legal documents.

You can read about copyright in our blog in articles "Использование авторской и лицензионной музыки в аудиорекламе" и "Who needs licensed music and why buy it".